15 Problems to Solve If You Want to be a Billionaire

If you want to be a billionaire, here are 15 Problems You Should Solve to get there!

We know, we know, everyone needs to be a Richest person, however, no one needs to place within the work; for those that do, we have to create this list of 15 issues that, if solved, can assist you to be part of the three comma club!
There are multiple ways in which to induce there, however, we’ve to warn you, the competition is insane as a result of everyone is sport you for it. While building a quest engine or a social network not visible choice any longer considering that these niches are dominated by huge players, there are still some issues the globe has nonetheless to resolve or a minimum of creating them thought.

Solving associates of those fifteen issues in an economical and effective approach can get you rubbing shoulders with billionaires.

If you don’t desire reading this long-ass article,
Don’t assume it’s progressing to be easy! Let’s get started!

1. Weight Loss Pill with negligible to no facet effects

As of 2018, the diet & weight loss business is price around 80$ billion within the United States alone and expected to achieve a price of a trillion dollar worldwide within the returning years.

The world is dynamical, and for the primary time ever, additional individuals are dying from fatness than from starvation!WEIGHT LOSS
Most people are lazy and would fain pay a premium for a straightforward resolution to the load drawback. That’s why all the massive pharmaceutical company corporations are defrayal billions on R&D so as to search out a thought resolution to the matter.

A pill like this might quickly become of the foremost profitable and used medication all around the world.

Viagra alone is doing one.5 billion bucks in revenue per annum within the United States alone and a weight loss pill might be valuable for each gender.

2. Viable Plastic Replacement

Yeah, we’re devastation our planet and don’t recognize what to try and do concerning it, as a result of we tend to don’t really need to vary.

That’s wherever you return it!

The plastic market as a full is the price of 650$ billion at the instant with the plastic packaging business expected to hit 350 billion by 2020.


Everybody understands the potential of being successive plastic and we’re already seeing tests with the plant, algae, corn and even hemp.

The only issue they have to try and do currently is getting the worth down and be ready to mass manufacture.
Before we tend to march on to successive drawback does one wish to listen to one thing crazy?STROW

It is calculable that quite five hundred million single-use plastic straws are used and thrown away a day within the U.S. alone, in step with the parkland Service. That interprets into one hundred seventy 5 billion straws a year. The numbers globally are even additional a minimum of 5X that.

Just trust it, you get a drink with a plastic straw that you employ for beneath quarter-hour and so you throw it away. an oversized portion of these straws isn’t recycled.

3: Bio Printing & Organ Printing

There are many sub-industries to the present which is able to be price billions of bucks every because of the technology advances.
Starting with personalized medicine, to the 3d written skin for burn victims, bone printing to really printing operating organs.

Globally, the surgery market is price around twenty billion bucks per annum, that is anticipated to become a trillion greenback business within the next decades.

Just the Organ Preservation Market is valued at 250 billion right away, therefore the potential during this house is huge.HEART
As the population of the globe will increase and on the average, we tend to tend to induce richer, exchange associate organ can become as common as eye surgery or dental implants.

To put things into perspective, you’ll purchase a heart on the black market within the United States, for a little bit beneath one million bucks, with a liver being oversubscribed for around  1,000,000.

The fact that there’s a black marketplace for organs proves that there isn’t sufficient offer for the present demand.

Studies show that 1 in 3 deaths could be|might be|can be|may be|may we tend toll be delayed or prevented if we were to own access to enough spare organs.

4. Water deficiency

As of 2016, one in nine individuals within the world live while not access to scrub water. That’s getting ready to 850 million people.

Towards the tip of 2018, scientists predict that variety to induce getting ready to 1.1 billion individuals people.

By 2025, it’s expected that common fraction of the world’s population can notice it tough to own access to scrub water.

You wouldn’t assume that the blue planet is running out of the water, however, the issue is, it’s not the world, it’s us, UN agency is running out of water that matches our bodies. Despite the world being coated 70% in water solely 3% dimensional of it’s truly fresh, that’s acceptable human consumption. Around common fraction of that’s tucked in frozen glaciers and untouchable for our use. therefore we’re in huge hassle.water
This year even huge cities like the metropolis virtually ran out of the water and things like this one are additional widespread within the returning years. therefore you would possibly before long get rations of water in spite of wherever you reside.

The economical impact of the water crisis is big, not solely individuals can’t grow crops however they die of an embarrassment of diseases related to unclean water. Providing access to water are like connecting yourself to a network for net access and that we can begin paying a premium thereon.

Some of the solutions to water deficiency need to manage the plenty. as an example, a technology which is able to permit to optimize the water consumption per family, therefore, individuals don’t waste water, followed by up the waste product systems in order that the water is often filtered and deployed to close farms that are one among the largest water wasters within the world.

You might not understand this, however, it meat production is improbably water-expensive. It takes fifteen,400 liters of water simply to provide one metric weight unit of beef. 6000 liters for one metric weight unit of pig meat and 4500 liters for one metric weight unit of chicken meat.

 5. Artificial intelligence( AI)

A.I. is that the grail of inventions and permanently reason.

Artificial intelligence is perhaps the last invention humans can need to invent.

That’s as a result of it’ll either optimize and solve all our issues or.. it’ll understand however vacuous we tend to ar a species and wipe the United States all out because it evolves to god-like standing.

Let’s say it’ll not wipe the United States out an appearance at what A.I may mean for humanity.

As of 2018, A.I. is already generating over one trillion bucks in price, with client expertise solutions making them for the most business price.

AI-derived business price is projected to achieve up to $3.9 trillion by 2022.

And that isn’t taking into consideration robust A.I. who’s price is therefore laborious to estimate that even the best minds are a bit on the sting of creating predictions.

Artificial intelligence goes to be the biggest disruptor the globe has ever seen, dramatically dynamical the approach we tend to exist and will accelerate our transition towards a sort II civilization.

It may cure diseases in the United States, revolutionize farming and even be the entryway to immortality.

We will do a zealous video on A.I. and therefore the applications and implications one thing sort of a robust AI may wear group within the future.

But, this automation can return at a price, rendering an oversized portion of the population useless & with no value.

If you’re curious to understand that Jobs are replaced by Automation & A.I. within the next a pair of decades. We’ve created a video concerning the industries that the automation can hit initially.

 6. Energy storage

It has already been set that the longer term is electrical, that is, till we will come back up with one thing higher.

Before we’ll be able to try this, our computers, homes and even cars area unit electrical.

The uprise of unpolluted energy from star, wind, hydro is gap plenty of business opportunities.

Probably the largest of opportunities lies in energy storage. within the United States alone it’s roughly an eight billion dollar trade right away, however growing with virtually twenty-fifth year to year.

This is simply the start of Associate in Nursing energy revolution. We’ve already seen corporations like Tesla acquire this house sharply with their power wall storage choices, however, the technical school hasn’t gone thought nevertheless.

More and additional folks from western countries try to induce off the grid or have a robust backup for his or her systems, whereas on the other finish of the spectrum, we’re seeing the necessity for this technical school in undeveloped areas United Nations agency merely do not have access to electricity.ELECTRYCITY

Mainstream energy storage can bring these communities into the twenty-one century.

Just to grant you guys a glimpse of the numbers, 1.3 billion folks presently, don’t have access to electricity.

There’s another angle to the current that is even larger than the power wall kind of technical school, it’s that of batteries.

Cars can want larger ranges, mobile phones ought to be charged every single day & whoever’s getting to find out some way to dramatically increase battery life are going to be rewarded within the billions.

Here’s what we wish you would like to understand if you’re coming up with on creating a bid for energy storage:

The light bulb wasn’t created by incrementally up the candle!

 7. Food Production & Alternatives

We’re virtually eight billion folks to eat every single day. Somebody’s has to be compelled to find out the way to create this happen.

The problem doesn’t appear to exist our ability to supply food, however, instead it’s in optimizing the process: making the maximum amount of food as doable with the minimum resource pay &
Distributing food to everybody.

At the instant, we have a tendency to humans area unit very inefficient with our food merchandise. Here within the, we have a tendency lot we consume far more food than we’d like to and that we find yourself discard massive quantities of it also.

We’re undecided if you currently this, however FOOD & Agriculture is really the largest trade within the world.

In our analysis, 10 percent of the gross domestic product of the complete world lies in food. That’s around 50 trillion bucks.FOOD
Wanna hear one thing shocking?

One-third of the complete food created within the world is wasted. Food losses and waste amount to roughly$ 680 billion in industrialized countries and US$ 310 billion in developing countries. Per year.

That’s what proportion cash we discard, it’s your chance to capture the maximum amount of it as doable.

Even if we have a tendency to managed to optimize food consumption in order that we have a tendency to don’t waste most of it, there’s still the massive issue of production prices.

Growing food consumes such a lot of resources that we are going to be round-faced with a significant quandary, as a result of we will not sustain this type of production over extended periods of your time.

The biggest problems area unit associated with water, grain & deforestation so as to grow crops.

If the globe doesn’t move quickly into various food sources and that we continue to grow the population numbers we’re in massive bother.

The obvious viable possibility we’ve got is transitioning for giant supermolecule sources to smaller ones. Yes, people, we’re talking regarding feeding bugs.

This would possibly sound repellant to most of you, however bugs area unit in all probability the longer term of nutrition for humans. Insects need 2000 times less water to supply the equivalent of 1kg of meat from a nutritionary posture, they conjointly need less house, manufacture less waste and are 18%  eatable compared to solely 40% of a cow.

Plus, you’re already intense bugs in your food right away, you simply don’t understand it. Bugs area unit in your chocolate, in your spread and virtually any fruit and vegetable product.

We’re already seeing plenty of cash getting to Insect Farming Startups all around the world, therefore if you’re about to bestride this trend you gotta hurry.

 8: Digital Military technical school

Just maintaining with the massive numbers, 2.5% of the worldwide domestic product goes to the military in one type or the opposite. That’s roughly 1.7 trillion bucks each year.

Out of that entire range, the U.S is answerable for a 3rd of that.

The world is dynamical and though we have a tendency to still want some Apache helicopters and submarines, the war-zone has shifted to an additional technological approach than United Nations agency has the for most panzers.

A simple ad-buying campaign will push the essential pick out the order to induce somebody nonappointive. It may begin revolutions or dramatically modification the public’s perception of a problem.

That’s what the independent agency has been doing for years, but now, loaded people have identical tools at their disposal. Cambridge Analytica was simply those United Nations agency got caught.

Point is, governments wish to possess the choice to each shield and attack from the comforts of their bunkers.
When countries attend war with each other, they now not send tens of thousands of troupes, instead, they destabilize Associate in Nursing economy, produce large protests then use drones or AI-driven missiles to require out strategic objectives so as to grant through to the Linchpin impact.military
A shocking correlation is with the game industry, as a result of the military is presently recruiting apt gamers for his or her remote missions. somebody who’s been nearly crushing enemy bases since he was born can create a good soldier once time involves remotely fly a drone and deploy bombs. Who knows, Ender’s game would possibly end up to be a documentary rather than a fantasy picture in any case and you’ll be able to finally tell your folks that the quantity of hours you’ve clocked in on Steam is simply grooming.

9. Internet for everyone

Wanna hear some nice news? As of the tip of 2017, we’ve got finally tipped the balance with 51 % humanity connected to the net.

It’s very laborious to place a worth on the net right away, as a result of consequent google or facebook might be simply round the corner and every one our scientific discipline would quit the window.

To give an awfully rough estimate, somewhere within the neighborhood of $20 trillion and that’s with solely have the population connected to that.
Just think about {what can|what is going to|what’s going to} happen once everyone will have stable access to the net. simply the academic side of it’s incredible, followed by trade and commerce then the marketplace of innovation and new concepts.

Some would possibly argue that access to the net may be a basic right during this day and age, and to be honest, we agree.

Our entire reality has been dramatically modified since we have a tendency to got access to the net. Despite our formal education, we have a tendency to got additional worth for obtaining educated on we have a tendency to on topics that we may apply to our everyday lives, up to the purpose wherever our entire company is net focused.

The employees and families we’ve got beneath our company area unit all obtaining worth supported the unbelievable innovation that’s the net.INTERNET
Now, let’s speak a chance.

A guy merchandising things on the net is presently the richest man in the world. a man with an internet site wherever you’ll be able to posts your footage and see what your friends area unit up to, has over 2.2 billion monthly users creating him the fifth richest man in the world and you’ll be able to currently source producing to a Chinese mill due to Jack Ma’s Alibaba while not even getting to China.

The race for connecting the globe to the net has already began and we’re seeing giants begin to play.

Facebook desires to beam net over remote geographies with their electrical planes, Google with their balloons and Elon Musk is  sports Richard Branson each wanting a fleet of satellites orbiting earth transferral videos to everybody.

We’re undecided if you’ve got an opportunity of the competitive head to go with these guys, however approaching the problem for an artless angle you may end up with an awfully remunerative trade on your hands.

10. Non-public knowledge & Home security

Cybersecurity may be a two hundred billion dollar trade right now!

Most of that money comes from corporations and businesses United Nations agency area unit trying to guard their info and area unit willing to pay a premium for it.

With the recent Facebook scandal, that voice communication is slowly shifting to the patron market and boy that range can skyrocket.

At now, folks haven’t any plan however valuable their knowledge is, that’s why they furnish it away without charge, or on the brink of free.
We believe that in the future, personal knowledge security can become one of the lucrative businesses even reordering the house security trade.

Just for your info, the worldwide home security trade is the price of $50 billion each year.CYBERSECURITY

The average shopper owns additional and additional devices, that all contain and track sensitive info regarding the owner. With the increase of net of things and through adoption, we are going to want viable choices to guard that knowledge.

Everything that produces you, you, is being fastidiously organized on the net for our convenience. The drawback is that everything that produces you, you’ll be able to currently be accessed remotely by those who are unit afterward info.
Just to grant you guys a glimpse into however massive this downside will be: Last year, a United States company referred to as Equifax got hacked. they’re guilty of maintaining the credit scores for Americans.

The information of 143 million men got hacked. This includes name, address, birth date, Social Security range and your money history.

With this type of data, somebody may simply impersonate you, obtain property, get a credit line and ruin your life utterly.

 11. Male Birth-control

The Contraceptives Market size is about to exceed $33 Billion by 2023

That’s at this rate of growth.

If you’re wanting to change into a have within the drug company house, you may wish to place your cash and focus into male birth-control.

This is why this downside is therefore massive. A feminine will get pregnant once p.a. – one.2 times if you’re really expert at obtaining pregnant- however a male will simply impregnate a minimum of 365 females if given the chance and also the right conditions.barth
Having youngsters is damn high-priced and an easy pill that may take the estimate out of the sport of who’s the daddy would skyrocket in quality. It’s regarding management and other people are invariably willing to get management.

There are already multiple corporations with pills in trials for this resolution, however, most of them appear to come back with serious facet effects, therefore we’re not there nonetheless.

 12. space exploration/Resource capture

We are coming into Associate in Nursing exciting era in the house wherever we tend to expect additional advances within the next few decades than throughout human history.

Space could be a 3 trillion dollar chance for succeeding few decades.

We know this can be not one in all those issues that the common Joe are going to be able to solve or keep the use of, however, the chance remains there.

While you almost certainly got to already be a have to hitch the exclusive club folks|of individuals} WHO are wanting to mine the asteroid and take people from planet to planet, people who can participate in it, can relish richest on the far side those we’ve seen on earth… literally!
There’s this factor referred to as an area Act Bill that states:elon musk

“Any asteroid resources obtained in space are the property of the entity that obtained such resources, that shall be entitled to all or any property rights to that, according to applicable provisions of Federal law and existing international obligations.
Is this the new gold rush? You bet! the sole factor is, there are one or two of individuals WHO have the choice to access all the gold they will get.

Just the asteroid mining business has the potential to be a one hundred trillion greenback business.

Now you perceive why the likes of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are therefore desperate to get their school right as presently as potential.

 13: Sex-Robots

Yes, people, sex-robots are going to be a true thing and also the world is with patience watching for them with each their wallets and weiners out… – and therewith joke you’ll be able to say cheerio to obtaining this video monetized, but hey, bed for the lols right?!

We’re presently within the middle of a thirty billion greenbacks race to form the primary premium sex-robot.

The factor is, we’re still not there yet!

The world doesn’t wish to… get kittenish with Sophia the mechanism.. as a result of she’s creepy as hell, instead, we’re all watching for the West-World equivalent or a minimum of one thing like ex-machinerobot
The good news is, with the advances we’re seeing in robotics, 3d printing, and AI, we must always have a mass market Version one obtainable within the next fifteen years.

People can purchase these like crazy- anonymously through the net. however, like mad.
This will open up entire new niches we’ve never even thought of, like accessories for your machine, wigs, software package updates, voice packs, completely different faces etc.

Any approach you come back once it, this business can expand as humans are already evolving to being additional and additional anti-social, therefore it’s up to you if you wish to form bank on a trend like this.

 14: Hair-regeneration

One of the ostensibly insolvable issues the planet is facing.

Did you recognize that the world hair transplant could be a nine billion greenback industry?

Yep, we tend to folks love our hair. the majority of this business price is carried by men, WHO merely don’t wish to be bald therefore they’re willing to pay a premium, to possess hair stirred from one a part of their body to their head.

Even the WIG market values over one billion dollars.WINGS
Now assume however valuable a product that solves this issue during a non-surgical matter would be.

Something sort of a creme or perhaps a laser-like treatment which might reverse the hairless method and permit your body to form new hair.
Plastic surgery could be $45 billion per year business because humans are smitten by the approach they give the impression of being.

If you’ve seen our video on fifteen brutal truths folks don’t wish to hear, you recognize that we tend to judge a book by the quilt among different things. The approach we glance makes all the distinction.

15. Death

The first person to unravel death not solely can become extraordinarily made, however, can go down in history because the one WHO transitioned humans from animals to gods.

Larry Elison and Peter Thiel are simply 2 of the titans who are wanting to unravel the death issues we tend to humans have.
If you’re thinking that regarding it, Death is extremely very similar to a malady and our diary shows we’ve been pretty successful at activity most of them.15 Problems to Solve If You Want to be a Billionaire


What’s extra to feature to the list?

At range three we’ve mentioned organ printing, that may well be our initial resolution for keeps extensions.

The reality is, if one in all your organs fail you, you may die, despite the remaining ones doing ok.

Organs as we all know they to have a reasonably short period of time, however, what if we tend to may re-engineer them, out of additional sturdy materials. It’s like change the components during a} very intricate machine.

This would additionally solve the matter of aging, no one needs to measure forever if you’re attending to become older and older.

Artificial bodies can most likely be the most important business of the 22nd century and we’re lucky to envision the 1st stages of this coming back to light-weight now a   days.

The $20 billion funeral-residence business is near to get discontinuous within the close to future and that we have a front row seat.


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